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This is the summer to learn a new medium!

One of my favorite artists on You Tube offers to teach you to paint with watercolor in 5 minutes! I can't top that. I might be able to show you one technique in 5 minutes. But to teach you to duplicate my demonstration - well, it takes time. Several tries over the course of an hour would not be unrealistic.

Time. Time is the investment. And we all have the same amount of hours in the day. Will you set aside an hour once a week to learn to paint with a new medium?

Technique: Plastic Food Wrap

Below is a portrait of a Husky-mix rescue pup against a blue background. The somewhat abstract look was achieved using plastic food wrap placed over wet pigment. The wrap was quickly manipulated to form horizontal "cells". The pigment collects in the areas where the plastic wrap is in contact with the paper. The trick is to leave it in place until the pigment absorbs into the paper and is almost dry. I use this technique to add interest to backgrounds or large areas with very little detail. Try it on a scrap sheet of watercolor paper. Let me know what you achieve.

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